The Red Mirror Salon

Masters of the Blade

Formerly known as local favourite, 'Salon De Franco', The Red Mirror Salon was renovated n December of 2014 to become the chic fresh and friendly place it is today. This family-owned-and-operated salon is always full of love and positive vibes. Christel and Franco, along with their talented daughter Marisa run the salon with the help of talented stylists Angelina and Agnes.


Whether you have short or long hair, we want you to feel and look your best. Our variety of skillsets across stylists allows us to have lots of diversity when it comes to cut and colour services. We are also happy to do a special consultation for those considering extensions, perms or other specialized hair services. 


Every individual is unique, and so is every haircut we do at The Red Mirror Salon. We make sure to spend the time to understand your vision for your hair and work with you to perfect your look and style.

Service Rates

       Permanent Colour: $90-135

Semi/Demi Colour: $75-110

Partial Highlights: $95-150

Full Highlight: $125-185

Toner Only: $35-45

Women's Cut: $45-65

Men's Cut/Fade: $30-50

Kid's Cut: $25-45

Blowout: $35-50

Deep Conditioning: $45-75

Permanent Wave: $95-150

Extensions: By Consult

Award-Winning Hair

At The Red Mirror Salon, we've got the years of experience (and the trophies) to back up our

award-winning styles and colour designs. 

Hair Cutting & Colourist Experts

Staff and clients alike love coming here to experience the red mirror and leave with an extra swagger in their step. Enhancing natural beauty is at the core of The Red Mirror Salon’s values and vision.

Come in to get your hair done, and leave with much more!  


Franco has a contagious good energy and puts so much love into everything he does. His lifelong passion for hair and finding people's inner beauty has earned Franco over 50 years of experience in the industry. He prides himself on being a good mentor to stylists and creating a fun family-driven business. 


Marisa loves variety when it comes to clients, always spicing things up to make everyone’s hair unique. She welcomes everybody into her chair: men, women, kids, grandparents, and everyone in between. 


Christel has a fun and caring demeanour that makes even those nervous about cutting their hair feel at ease in her chair. Christel and Franco met back in 1970 at Gaudio Italian Coiffures and would later end up married with two beautiful children and two grandchildren!


Angelina Is a fun-loving stylist full of energy. She can often be found dancing in the salon between her appointments and singing her favourite song while completing fabulous cuts and colouring for both men and women. 

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